2 January 2011

Cytokine storm to Snow storm

After being laid up for 2 weeks with a particularly nasty strain of Man Flu it was time to dust off the microspikes and venture round the Kentmere Horseshoe on Boxing Day.
Only the most stoic of athletes venture out in these conditions to train, so as me, Stu and Rob marched forwards into the snow blizzard we felt comfortable in the knowledge that we were all made of tough stuff!?

Stu not having brought microspikes was wondering how he ever made it round the BG without all this fancy equipment, and while rob and I stopped to put them on he pressed on without feeling the need for such unnecessary displays of caution.
As we neared the end of the run we were contemplating mid winter attempts at the BG, though would microspikes as a mechanical aid be permitted?
Due to the snow and ice the run took ½ hr longer than usual over a 12 mile stretch, giving an indication of just how impressive a feat a winter BG must be with the conditions so slow under foot.
A good trip out leaving us excited about more winter snow training, gotta get our money’s worth out of these little spiky things!

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