13 March 2011

Lifting Dogs A Local Novelty!

Training with Jimbo last weekend being thwarted by what was surely an episode of Ebola virus, midweek training curtailed with the Trotsky virus, Friday training round Fairfield halted abruptly by a severe snow blizzard, I was determined Sunday would be a success.
An early start 7am would see back to back legs without too much fuss for sure.
My 1 year old son George and his teeth having other ideas, the bedside clock reading 0330am without a wink of sleep!
The Alarm sounded 0600, sheer will power alone causing me to lurch sideways out of bed and into my Lycra.
A quick bowl of porridge, then noticed my phone flashing up a new text 0630, my training partner had somehow contracted the same Trotsky virus and was now considering IV fluids, so was out for the count!
Training solo plus 2 dogs means a circular route around the car, and in all likelihood a shortened course as it’s much easier to wimp out on your own.

More photos on Dallam Web Album

Stomping up the first climb it soon became apparent in my half sleep state I put on the wrong trainers and picked up the wrong i-pod and would now have to endure hours of the Hoopty Doos and Bob the builder, the bright side being its fairly high tempo stuff!
Up onto Low Man and into another snow blizzard in only shorts, made for some quick descending to increase my core temperature.
Dunmail raise threw up another surprise, as I lifted the dogs over the stile to climb Steel Fell a black mini bus with blacked out windows did and emergency stop to pull alongside. My first thought was “ I’m about to be kidnapped by animal rights activists”, but no ,much worse, as 8 Japanese tourists with cameras all ran out and started a photo shoot, first insisting I hold up one of the dogs as they each took photos of this local sport, then insisting they all had their pics taken with me as I protested I wasn’t actually a local dog lifting champion!
Having managed to charge up and remember my GPS this time I was quite proud of myself and looking forward to downloading some impressive stats to the PC , about 4 hrs in I checked the watch 1hr 20!! Somehow I managed to stop the timer putting my gloves on in the snow storm!
Staggering back to the car some 7 hrs later, still in possession of the car key suddenly made everything seem ok, as I collapsed into the front seat and reclined the chair for a little snooze, sleep was very quickly interrupted by cramp in both legs and right foot, in a confined space not good!
½ an hour later as I drove home praying my accelerator foot wouldn’t go into cramp, the profound and insightful words of the sailor from Troon came flooding back to me “you must be bloody well off Ya Concha!”, and with the sound of the Hoopty Doos and Big red car still ringing in my ears I felt for the first time, what the hell is a “Concha” anyway?

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