15 May 2011


No not the word game, but I just realised I only have a few weeks left until D-Day. A few folk who read my blog(didn't really think any one read it!) asked me why I haven't posted anything of late, my response would be no I haven't got writers cramp , but I realised I only had a few more weeks left to the BG attempt so best spend some more time training instead of tapping a keyboard!

I haven't done anywhere near as much training as I would like due to lack of time, and not wanting to run the risk of over training!

My biggest fear I guess would be letting the club down and not keeping up the perfect record from last year, all I can say really is that I'll give it my best shot and Hopefully won't mess up Rays stats, and that everyone enjoys a great Day out in the fells! The support from fellow club members both in training and general encouragement over the last few months has been second to none!

I'll post a finalised team sheet in a week or two so we know who's supposed to be where and when, and who's supposed to be carrying the car keys!


  1. We read it whilst drinking Milkshakes

  2. Thanks Dawn, and Dave I better nake sure they are not all strawberry flavour! :)