9 June 2011

Less than 24 hrs to go!

With under a day left to the start, I'm sitting here at 1130pm waiting for Ariane to get in from work, kids tucked up in bed, dogs walked , 11 hour day at work behind me, but strangely I don't feel tired, I just want to set off now.

Reflecting on the last 6 months build up, all I can say really is that I've been lucky enough to have some fantastic days out on the fells with my mates,the winter and bad weather didn't seem to matter, it all just added to the adventure.

I now contemplate what is to come and hope my training will have been enough to see me through, and I look forward to another great day out with my mates and another adventure into the unknown!

Oh and of course my 42 other friends I have grown to know much better in the last 6 months, I look forward to seeing you all again one more time!

I best put the ear plugs in now and try and get some kip!

See you all at some stage tomorrow!

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