16 July 2011

Mike "The Hammer" Smiths BGR

There are BG rounds , and then there are BG rounds!! I haven't got the energy left to write much after supporting Mike on leg 3, except to say that what we witnessed was a phenomenal display of guts, drive and determination, all done with a smile and laid back demeanour.

Those were some of the worst weather conditions I have ever encountered on the fells with some of the most difficult navigation. The amount of water on leg 3 alone was unprecedented , the paths were like rivers, the bogs up to your waist, and waterfalls were pouring off Broad stand and Foxs traverse like something out of the Lost World adventure or Jurrasic Park! The rocks were slippy, slimy and wet, the whole thing becoming more of an assault course than fell running!

But Mike could not be stopped, he was indestructible! Careful to take the descents steady especially on the wet rocks, but then when it came to the climbs he really put the "Hammer" down, fresh legs on every leg struggling to stay with him on the climbs, the ascent up Steel Fell and Scafell Pike being the quickest I've ever done them.

Without a shadow of a doubt Mike and Helen(sterling support!) truly deserved this victory, awesome!

Mike you are now the 2011 BG champ!!

Well done Mate!

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