29 September 2010

BG Attempts by Martin and Rob in 2011

Here's a note from Martin Gardiner about their BG plans for next year.I've added a couple of photos from their Scottish Islands Hop and will update the page as things progress.

"After having our arms twisted by Mick, both myself and Rob (Hampshire)are planning to have a bash at the Bob Graham Round in 2011, though we are going to have to step up our training somewhat and will be looking at lots of longer fell events to do over the next 6 months ,and training partners to ensure that we get out on the fells on winter days!

Obviously we will need a lot of support and encouragement from the club to help get us through this extreme challenge!

We are both game- as always - to give it a bash!

I plan to have a go on Saturday the 11th of June 2011, setting off at 6pm Saturday and finishing before 6pm Sunday - and Rob is going to have a go on Saturday the 18th June 2011, same times.
We will both be on a 23:59:59 schedule.


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