10 October 2010

Training Begins!

Martin writes:
After a 2 month lay off with a medial ligament strain of my right knee, and putting on 1/2 stone in weight, I found myself on the start line of the Lochness marathon next to a Rhino! I wasnt going to run, but a physio at the expo gave me the correct diagnosis of quadriceps tendonitis in my knee( not a medial ligament strain after all!), and told me " dont be so soft, get it iced, man up and just run through the pain !" So here I was, after 18 miles the pain eased off in my knee to be replaced by total body pain, as I staggered and lurched over the line just in front on my mate Sam in a Pink Panther suit.

Phase 1 BG training complete, I was quietly confident.

Phase 2 , 21 miles 5000ft climbing Autumn in Lakeland. After A rashly quick start, we were to pay later with a near collapse at the Summit of Cat bells, Rob and I deciding the healthiest option was to let Jarvo and Lee run off, while we fast walked the last 5 miles. Our confidence dented, but phase 2 in the Bag.

Phase 3 Recce of Tour of Pendle route Saturday 16th October.

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