18 November 2010

Dallam go on Tour

‘Tour of Pendle 2010’
In the line made famous by some pop star I’ve forgotten ‘Hey I’ve got my new shoes on, and suddenly everything feels right’, but that was yesterday, and today is a different story!
After taking a gamble on a brand new pair of Mud Claws(hoping they wouldn’t rip the skin of my heels) in an attempt to even up the odds on the mudslide descents of Geronimo and co, I found for once I could actually stay upright and just about keep up with Dave and Jarv on the downhill!
The leaders overtook us at about ½ way (they’d set off ½ hr later). In a valiant, or some might say idiotic moment, Dave and I set off as fast as we could after the leader on a downhill section. For a brief moment we were in the zone, if we could just muster a little more speed we could actually get in the lead, we might even win! Then we turned to face the next big climb up to check point 6 and immediately regretted the moment of madness as our pace slowed to a crawl and we were rudely sucked back into reality, the leader now a spec in the distance.
Half way up the next climb, a fast starter(1/2 later than us) came bombing past cursing he couldn’t tell who were the early or late starters, I shouted over to him ‘you are kidding right?!’, to which he replied ‘ok I see your point!’
The early start meant we were able to finish in the middle of the main field surrounded by runners from Tommy’s Fell  Stars , and Brian’s Bog Bashers and the like, which was great, one female clayton runner (who we’d met on the recce day), recognising me and my pain , stopped to say hi half way up the last climb(Big End) and as she passed, forced a couple of energy tabs into my mouth offering some kind words of encouragement, like I’ve seen worse cramp!
In the end we all made it round  more or less together , all finding it a tough but worthy challenge.
I’d made the right choice and got away with going with the ‘new shoes’, or so I thought until today when my left foot swelled up and I could hardly walk forcing me to rest and elevate it for the day! Or did I hear someone say we were supposed to be going Christmas shopping!?

Martins Tour Pics

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