29 November 2010

“From Darkness into the light” Howgills to Ingleborough.

After a quick call to my CPN on Friday evening just to confirm that ‘yes I actually was mad’ and yes ‘she would be there soon with my meds’, we(Dave/Stu/Jarv and I) were off up Winder in the cold and dark with our head torches.
Having earlier texted Stu saying ‘don’t you think it’s a bit cold for Howgills this eve?’  he replied ‘soon warm up!’, there was no turning back.
Despite the bitterly cold wind, spirits and energy were high, as the initial pace proved too quick for me, struggling to catch my breath in the cold wind.
A while later after further encounters with hills named ‘Big Dipper’( seemingly a common theme in BG training), and a bit of group bonding with some ‘hand holding’ with Dave and Jarv near the top of a steep ascent , we were home and dry 2hrs/7miles and 2800ft of climbing. I hadn’t taken many photos on the way, but we certainly had warmed up!

Sunday was a different story, Ingleborough and Whernside in brilliant sunshine, a crisp cold day with a nice snow covering for picturesque affect - photo album
The run was superb with great company and cheer.
There was some mystery along the way however, as things began to go missing , first a glove or two, then Jarv’s hat,  then about ½ way as we stopped to admire the view I reflexively patted my breast pocket, ‘no car key!’ not good news ! A military operation soon followed led by Dave ‘Eagle Eyes action Man’ Deason. After trekking back about ½ mile scanning the snow for my lost car key, I felt for sure the search was going to be fruitless, then to my amazement a new super hero emerged to save the day, as Dave spied my car key nestling in a clump of snow half submerged, amazing!! Later he was also to display superhuman strength, kindly lifting my large Labrador Axl over assorted stiles(see photo).
Things looking up, with a new sense of optimism we headed off to tackle Whernside, Mick striding out.
A great day out, and more BG training in the bag 17 miles and 4000 ft ascent (happy to be corrected once GPS’s plugged in).

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