25 January 2011

What A Difference A Day (Two Weeks) Makes

2 Weeks ago after Rob and I trained in the snow Saturday on leg 3, then ran the Lyth on Sunday, Monday morning brought yet another raging sore throat and tight chest! Stressing the body and knowing how to get it right another skill of BG training, overdoing it another beginner’s pitfall!

Another 10 days off recovering, our fitness levels seemingly worse than when we’d started 2 months ago, confidence was at an all time low, we were ready to chuck the towel in!
It was time to regroup and get back to core values, why were we training for this anyway?
Sunday came, the forecast clear, and we set off down to Wasdale to tackle leg 4 ,and see if we could find what we’d lost over these last 2 months caught up in BG training and hill reps! 

Link to more photos

As we drove round the corner towards Wasdale Head, there it was a scene of such amazing beauty and tranquillity, truly awe inspiring! It just took your breath away!
Seemingly the only 2 people in Wasdale, Rob and I set off up Yewbarrow without a care in the world, we’d ditched the GPS, no mobile signal, didn’t even bother to check the watch, microspikes a distant memory!
As we walked and jogged round Leg 4 we couldn’t remember a day so clear, you could see the whole lakes and as far as the Isle of Man , Scotland and Ireland.
After finishing the leg, we retraced our steps under Moses Trod and ran off down Gable to the inn for a pint. As we descended , light beginning to fade, it seemed a shame, if only we could carry on the day may never end!
Wasdale a truly magical and inspiring place, we’d found what it was we’d been missing!


  1. I think that's why we run, in the end...for those magical days. Never know when you're going to find one. Glad you enjoyed it, and good luck on your BGs!

  2. Naa, we run for the pain and blisters and to discuss whether space travel is a waste of money.

  3. Oops only just seen these posts, and I agree with Dawn but happy to discuss space travel and string theory anytime while plodding round the fells.