21 February 2011

Progress and Martin's Crew

After several weeks in the doldrums, first a succession of sore throats and bad chests , then a stroppy letter from my GP saying I’m overusing my inhalers! Then Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after the slightest 2-3 hr run, I thought bloody hell I must be anaemic?! so hastily increased my intake of steamed broccoli to three times a day! Surely that would do the trick?

Then a recurrence of an old back injury from playing squash lead to several visits to the physio where magic tape was applied to my lower back for the extra placebo affect . A flare up of my right knee tendonitis meant more ice packs(packets frozen broccoli in my case).

4-5 hr fell days on a Sunday leaving me checking the price and waiting lists for local nursing homes, and maybe I need to get measured up for a Zimmer?!

Time pressures from work, family, study, training and sleep deprivation with small kids seemingly sapping every last drop of energy out of me!

Jogging round Leg 1 with Raemondo at 23 hr pace feeling like a 10k pace, it was rapidly becoming clear that a BG attempt for someone with the VO2 max of a hamster might be stretching the bounds somewhat!

But hey I never let that get in the way before; there is only one thing for it…...more broccoli!

Here is the provisional club casting sheet, not set in stone and subject to change  due to illness/injury/fatigue/family holidays etc.... those on later legs may have an easier time! Any other offers of help always welcome!

Starring: Major Tom/Forrest Gump

Backing singers(Ground Control): Helen/Julie/Ariane

First Act: Uncle Stu, Eagle Eyes Dave, Gillmeister, Raemondo

Refreshments: Nicky G

First Act interval: Dawn G with salty soup or champagne.

Second Act : Mickey Makka Mu, Robster(Training run), Leechy Boy, Mark B

Sticks Pass refreshments: Shinny

Third Act: Stevie J, Andy M, Jarv(training run), Jess and Debs

Backstage Lighting and Ropes: Andy L

Fourth Act : Adam J, Marco and Kazzer, Julie and Helen, Grace and Penny, Mike S(training run)

Refreshments at Kirk Fell: Makka Mu and Robster, Chorlton:

Final Act : Vicky, Helen W, Ariane, Robster and anyone else who can run a sub 40 min 10k for the final road section to get me in in 23:59:59

The list is only provisional and not exclusive, if anyone else can offer services for pacing, navigation, sustenance, or can do a fireman’s lift then that’s great.

The Schedule will be about 23 hrs and will sort nearer the time. Folk can do as much or as little as they like ie. Carry on and do more than 1 leg, especially those in training!

 I have decided to donate my attempt to St Johns Hospice as the club charity and will be asking folk to sponsor me per summit achieved, so that I get at least a quid.

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